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Milliken carpet tiles come in a wide choice of styles and different sizes depending on range. Choose from plain and simple like Formwork, linear designs or with striking modern patterns like Time Piece. While their LVT ranges are a great choice for those who want the look of a natural product like wood or stone, without its drawbacks.

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Milliken Commercial Flooring Solutions

Many of their carpet tile collections use Econyl® 100% regenerated nylon, such as Night Trails and Naturally Drawn. While their Comfort Lite and Comfort Plus® backings have a 90% recycled content in the cushion. They also have created the TractionBack® carpet backing. This reduces the raw materials used during installation and keeps tiles in place without using wet glues or “peel and stick” dry glues.

Milliken has thought about the backing for their carpet tiles. The backing for their carpet tiles is a key factor in its performance, durability and appearance retention. The right backing can also give acoustic, insulation and sustainability benefits. There are a few options depending on the range. Function Plus is their cheapest option. A functional hardback that has basic acoustic performance and underfoot comfort but still delivers performance. While their standard cushion backing, Comfort Lite, gives enhanced acoustic, underfoot comfort and wear performance. Or there is the Comfort Plus®  premium backing system.  This offers greater underfoot comfort along with great acoustic and wear performance.

Milliken also tries to reduce their impact on the environment. Where possible they look for ways to reduce emissions and pollution. The way their products are made has a major impact on their environmental footprint. They use electricity from renewable sources and recycle production waste. While keeping needless waste out of landfill is one of their key pledges. The Milliken Carpet Take Back scheme offers a non-landfill disposal option. It ensures that used carpet is recovered and handled in the most environmentally, socially and financially responsible way. They also have the Omni range. These tiles can be laid randomly as it is a non-directional pattern. This leads to less waste as well as being quicker and easier to install.

They are so confident in their products they offer great warranty packages. Depending on the carpet tile range, they come with a 10, 12 or 15-year wear guarantee. While their LVT products come with a 12-year limited commercial warranty. This gives you peace of mind, you are buying a long-lasting, quality product.

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