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Clerkenwell Collection

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Milliken Clerkenwell Collection

The Clerkenwell Collection has taken its inspiration from the rich and diverse community of the same name. There is a choice of 10 ranges – Angled Walk, Circle Top View, EC1, Ely Place, Finsbury Square, Three Corners, Time Piece, Travelling Line, Triangular Path and Watchmaking.

This collection has taken the idea of using simple lines to a new level. Milliken has created some stunning designs which are perfect for those looking to make a statement. All the ranges share the same choice of 9 colours. This makes it easy to mix and match the different ranges for endless design options. Made with ECONYL yarn and a Comfort Lite backing that has recycled content, this collection also has eco-friendly qualities too.

EC1Finsbury SquareTriangular Path
CEC140L Exmouth MarketFBS171L BarbicanTGP180-27-118 Artful Twist
CEC171L BarbicanFBS120L Corner HouseTGP152-119-118 Behind Bars
CEC182 FarringdonFBS140L Exmouth MarketTGP48-98-167 Binding Pages
CEC06L Fleet WorksFBS182L FarringdonTGP48-172-144 CLOTH PEG
CEC120LCorner HouseFBS6 Fleet WorksTGP15-144-83 Dame Purecroft
CEC66 Font SizeFBS66L Font SizeTGP48-79-173 Fog House
CEC149L Hidden TreasuresFBS149L Hidden TreasuresTGP118-103-141 Former Glory
CEC132L Inner LondonFBS132L Inner LondonTGP118-166-103 Full Bloom
CEC229L Islington BoroughFBS229L Islington BoroughTGP153-144-139L Hobby Horse
CEC122L Johns GateFBS122L Johns GateTGP171-110-104 Lady Justice
CEC138L Mystery PlayFBS138L Mystery PlayTGP153-158-139 Parish Watch
CEC48L Paper GrainFBS48L Paper GrainTGP171-73-157 Single Pin
CEC25L Penny BankFBS25L Penny BankTGP13-139-140 Smooth Fields
CEC118L Saldes PlaceFBS27L Singing BrittonTGP48-149-38 Sword Buckler
CEC27L Singing BrittonFBS118L Slades PlaceTGP180-118-174 TAILOR MADE
CEC144L SmithfieldFBS144L SmithfieldTGP139-25-132 Trumpet Sound
CEC79L Tech CityFBS79L Tech CityTGP171-181-38 Velvet Cap
CEC103L The GreenFBS103L The GreenTGP144-51-139 Whistling Bird
CEC152L The SmokeryFBS152L The Smokery
CEC135L TrotwoodFBS135L Trotwood
Angled WalkEly PlaceTravelling Line
AGW171-33-104L Design DebateELP132-118-139L Authors MarkTVL73-48-173 ARCHITECT'S PLAN
AGW152-139-118L Georgian FootstepsELP38-13-79L Crafted FortunesTVL140-152-118 CHARCOAL MERCHA
AGW180-118-174L Hatters HeightsELP131-158-118L Lucid WritingsTVL148-171-104 FIFTEEN PUZZLE
AGW118-108-103L Horseshoe LuckELP103-79-108L Mazed GardenTVL13-172-144 GENTLEMAN'S PORT
AGW171-181-38 OLD HAUNTSELP27-83-144L Old AntiquaryTVL154-180-174 JACK DAWKINS
AGW48-118-173L Rooks NestELP149-173-181L Poets PlotTVL48-137-149 IRONMONGER'S ROW
AGW172-124-144L The FlintlockELP13-124-15L Rich DistillerTVL151-171-38 NOTEBOOK PLOTS
AGW48-181-149L The SculleryELP33-137-79L Turned JewellerTVL144-118-103 NOVEL CHARACTER
AGW13-83-144 TURNING PAGEELP180-79-174L Unjust JudgeTVL12-13-144 VESTRY MINUTES
Time PieceCircle Top ViewThree Corners
TPE158-139-118 Clerk's WellCTV173-158-139L Berry StreetTHC13-124-15L Brewhouse Yard
TPE62-13-118 Into PrintCTV13-139-144L CharterhouseTHC102-20-79L Chimney Top
TPE144-27-118 Silverling DialsCTV171-145-67L Dickensian MoodTHC132-118-139L Creating Order
CTV174-75-62L Gin CrazeTHC180-79-174 Crook's Lair
CTV180-133-118L Spontaneous CityTHC158-157-73L London Spy
THC33-137-79 Mosaic Gem
THC103-79-108L Saffron Hill
THC38-13-79 Secret Village
THC27-83-144 Strong Opinion
THC131-158-118L Tolpuddle
THC149-173-181L Typesetting

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