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DESSO Pallas

DESSO Pallas

Want to make a bold statement or do you prefer something more simple? Then the Desso Pallas range can give you both options.

The speckled effect appearance of this carpet tile offers you both functionality and style. Made from a tufted loop pile the Desso Pallas is great for any commercial space because of its hardwearing qualities. It also comes with Desso’s Probase backing as standard.

One of the best features of Desso Pallas is it is available in an impressive 60 different colour options. There really is something to suit every palette as you can choose from the whole rainbow and more. From classic neutral brown and grey shades or if you want something more striking then opt for one of the bolder shades of yellow, orange or green. You could choose one uniform colour or perhaps mix it up a bit to create a unique pattern, the choice really is up to you.

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Fire-resistance-Bfl-s1Fire ResistanceBfl-s1
Impact-absorptionImpact Noise Rating26 dB
Sound-absorptionSound Absorption0.2
Antistatic- This symbol indicates that the carpet has "antistatic" properties. This means that static electricity after walking on the carpet (body voltage) is immediately discharged.Anti-static0
Domestic-heavyDomestic use23 Heavy
commercial-heavyCommercial use33 Heavy
castor-chairs-continuousCastor chairsIntensive use
Light-FastnessLight FastnessYes
warrantyGuarantee10 Years
Underfloor-heatingUnderfloor HeatingYes
Wet-roomWet Room
Slip-resistance-DSSlip ResistanceDS class (µ ? 0.30)
Electrical-resistance-static-dissipativeElectrical Resistance
Resistance-to-frayingResistance to Fraying
Dimensional-stabilityDimensional Stability? 0,2
RecycledRecycled ContentCradle-to-Cradle Silver
Tile Size50cm x 50cm
Tiles Per Box20
sqm per Box5m2
ConstructionTufted 1/10 “
Pile CompositionBCF Polyamide 6.6
Primary BackingPolyester fleece
Secondary BackingDESSO ProBase Polyver® - Polyscan®
Pile Height3.50 mm
Pile Weight660 g/m²
Total Thickness6.50 mm
Total Weight4100 g/m²
Installation methodLoose-Lay

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