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Tessera Teviot

Forbo’s Teressa Teviot is one of the best-selling carpet tiles in the UK with more than 10 million square metres already installed. Teviot is a durable tile with an attractive design and comes in a wide choice of colours. With many great features, Teviot is Tessera’s most popular low loop pile carpet tile.

Tessera Teviot has a tufted low loop pile made from 100% Aquafil polyamide that is 100% space dyed. With 48 colours to pick from, there is something to suit any style. Choose from various neutrals through to brighter shades such as raspberry or yellow. The simple design of these tiles could provide you with the perfect backdrop for your interior design ideas.

Teviot carpet tiles contain over 50% recycled content by weight and are made using 100% electricity made from renewable sources. This range also comes a with a 10-year guarantee or 15 years if you choose the SOFTbac secondary backing option*. With a high castor chair rating, these durable tiles are a good choice for any busy office.

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Forbo Tessera Teviot Brochure

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  • Available in 18 colours
  • Low level loop pile carpet tile
  • Manufactured from 100% space dyed polyamide
  • Also available in SOFTbac®, an additional backing layer which acts as an underlay and offers increased sound and thermal insulation
  • 10 Year Warranty


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Fire-resistance-Bfl-s1Fire ResistanceBfl-s1
Impact-absorptionImpact Noise Rating
Sound-absorptionSound Absorption
Antistatic- This symbol indicates that the carpet has "antistatic" properties. This means that static electricity after walking on the carpet (body voltage) is immediately discharged.Anti-staticyes
Domestic-heavyDomestic use
commercial-heavyCommercial useClass 33 heavy
castor-chairs-continuousCastor chairsr ? 2.4 continuous use
Light-FastnessLight Fastness?5
warrantyGuarantee10 Year Warranty
Stairs-occasionalStairsNot Stated
Underfloor-heatingUnderfloor Heating
Wet-roomWet Room
Slip-resistance-DSSlip ResistanceDS: ?0.30
Electrical-resistance-static-dissipativeElectrical Resistance<1 x 109 ?: Static dissipative. Body voltage: Pass (< 2kV)
Resistance-to-frayingResistance to Fraying
Dimensional-stabilityDimensional Stability?0.2%
Recycled ContentTeviot carpet tiles have over 50% recycled content by weight
Tile Size50 x 50 cm
Tiles Per Box20
sqm per Box5m2
ConstructionTufted low loop pile carpet tile
Pile Composition100% Aquafil polyamide
Primary BackingPolyester/Nylon
Secondary BackingModified bitumen and polyester fleece. Also available in SOFTbac® secondary backing
Pile Height2.8mm ± 0.5mm
Pile Weight520 gsm ± 10%
Total Thickness5.7mm ± 10%
Total Weight3,835 gsm ± 10%
Installation method

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Tessera Teviot

103 Steel, 104 Charcoal, 108 Granite, 109 Bronze, 111 Sienna, 114 Crimson, 116 Amaranth, 120 Gunmetal, 121 Saxe Blue, 122 Night Sky, 123 Midnight Blue, 124 Cool Blue, 127 Deep Ocean, 131 Tundra, 132 Arctic Green, 135 Everglade, 351 Jet, 352 Navy, 354 Dark Grey, 355 Dark Blue, 356 Mid Blue, 357 Mid Grey, 358 Light Grey, 359 Light Blue, 362 Red, 364 Brown, 366 Yellow, 367 Olive, 368 Beige, 369 Ice, 370 Khaki, 371 Chartreuse, 372 Seal, 373 Sky Blue, 374 Raspberry, 376 Mercury, 377 Vanilla, 378 Malt, 379 Suede, 380 Blackcurrant, 381 Duck Egg, 382 Mandarin, 383 Emerald, 384 Sable, 385 Neptune, 386 Foliage, 387 Butterscotch, 388 Meadow


Boardroom, Canteen, Corridor, Open Office, Reception

Flooring Type

Carpet Tile

Area per Box

5 sqm

Qty per Box

20 tiles



Installation Format


Tile Design


Carpet Type

Carpet Tiles