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Interface Heuga-580

Heuga 580 is a classic plain tile which can lend itself to any surroundings, be it a shop, office or public space.

Available in 60 colours, you really are spoilt for choice. From bright blues and greens through to neutral shades of grey, there is something to suit every palette. Select a single colour to keep it simple, or why not liven things up by mixing with other colours or even other Interface Heuga ranges. The design options are only limited by your imagination.

These tiles are constructed from a tufted plain level loop pile making this carpet very durable. The Graphlex backing gives the tiles superior dimensional stability. They are optimised for use with TacTiles for a glue-free fitting which makes installation quick, clean and easy. The Heuga 580 range has many qualities you would want from a carpet tile. As well as being designed for heavy traffic areas, these tiles are also suitable for use with castor chairs. Along with anti-static and DS slip resistance properties these tiles can even be used with underfloor heating systems, making these a good choice for any commercial premises.

  • Available in 60 colours
  • 6.2 mm tufted plain level loop pile tile
  • Manufactured from 100% BCF Nylon with Graphlex® backing
  • Compatible with TacTiles™ glue-free installation system
  • 15 Year Warranty


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Fire-resistance-Bfl-s1Fire ResistanceCfl-s1
Impact-absorptionImpact Noise Rating25db
Sound-absorptionSound Absorption0.2
Antistatic- This symbol indicates that the carpet has "antistatic" properties. This means that static electricity after walking on the carpet (body voltage) is immediately discharged.Anti-staticyes
Domestic-heavyDomestic use
commercial-heavyCommercial use33 Heavy
castor-chairs-continuousCastor chairs?2.4 (EN 985) Continuous Use
Light-FastnessLight Fastness?7 (ISO 105-B02)
warrantyGuarantee15 years
Stairs-occasionalStairsnot stated
Underfloor-heatingUnderfloor Heatingyes
Wet-roomWet Roomnot stated
Slip-resistance-DSSlip ResistanceDS
Electrical-resistance-static-dissipativeElectrical Resistance
Resistance-to-frayingResistance to Frayingyes
Dimensional-stabilityDimensional Stability?0.2% (ISO 2551/EN 986)
Recycled ContentTotal Recycled Content 43.59%
Tile Size50cm x 50cm
Tiles Per Box20
sqm per Box5m2
ConstructionTufted Plain Level Loop Pile
Pile Composition100% Nylon
Primary BackingGraphlex
Secondary BackingGraphlex
Pile Height3.1mm
Pile Weight580 g/m² ± 5%
Total Thickness6mm
Total Weight3779 g/m² ± 5%
Installation method

Additional information

Dimensions 500 x 500 mm
Heuga 580

5101 Nickel, 5102 Elephant, 5103 Granite, 5104 Twilight, 5105 Grey, 5106 Oyster, 5107 Onyx, 5108 Black, 5109 Quartz, 5110 Zircon, 5111 Earth, 5112 Ebony, 5113 Flax, 5114 Timber, 5115 Cacao, 5116 Wenge, 5117 Rosewood, 5118 Sisal, 5119 Teak, 5120 Chocolate, 5121 Lemon Grass, 5122 Ginger, 5123 Mahogany, 5124 Chili Chocolate, 5125 Curcuma, 5126 Chili, 5127 Tandoori, 5128 Opera, 5129 Magenta, 5130 Firecracker, 5131 Massai Red, 5132 Aubergine, 5133 Lavender, 5134 Velvet, 5135 Mauve, 5136 Blackcurrant, 5137 Sky, 5138 Cornflower, 5139 Opal, 5140 Lobelia, 5141 Leak Blue, 5142 Blue Moon, 5143 Blueberry, 5144 Ultra Marine, 5145 Santorin, 5146 Crete, 5147 Deep River, 5148 Indigo, 5149 Lagoon, 5150 Curacao, 5151 Reef, 5152 Antilles, 5153 Apple, 5154 Poison, 5155 Green, 5156 Windsor Green, 5157 Lime, 5158 Kiwi, 5159 Palm, 5160 Shire


Boardroom, Canteen, Corridor, Open Office, Reception

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Carpet Tile



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Carpet Type

Carpet Tiles