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Interface Way forward - Heuga 725

Way Forward Heuga 725 can be used in offices and other buildings, where people come together and need guidance in how to keep distance. Indicators that give insight in the flow and proportions of the building.

Two accent colour combination available as standard
Combining Heuga 725 Platin with Heuga 725 Fresh Cobalt or Heuga 725 Real Black

or Heuga 725 Panther with Heuga 725 Orange or Heuga 725 Spring

Using the capabilities of the XY cutting machines we create graphic additions in tiles that will clearly present routing to the users of buildings.
By using the size of our modular product, in squares 50 x 50 cm, it’s easy to follow a grid that adheres the local regulations on social distancing.

The need for physical distancing will need some re-thinking of office spaces designed for connection and collaboration between people.
Our concept design team have been exploring solutions for new and existing spaces. We have created standard arrows to drop into to your existing modular flooring, and bespoke wayfinding systems for new spaces.

Our arrow offer has specific colours and 4 arrow shapes.

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