Modular Floor Laying Patterns


Modular Floor Laying Patterns If you think there is only one way to lay modular flooring, then you would be wrong. Depending on the range, pattern or format (squares or planks) there are several options. Each of the installation options offers you the chance to create patterns and designs that can’t be achieved with broadloom […]

What are Carpet Tiles?


What are Carpet Tiles? In today’s busy workplaces a flooring system is needed to fit with the demands of a modern working environment. Carpet tiles are the answer. Available in several sizes, textures and a wide variety of designs, this modular flooring system has many qualities. Comfortable, yet hard-wearing, easy to maintain and install these […]

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – what are they?

Luxury Vinyl Tiles - what are they

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – what are they? The word luxury and vinyl are historically not two words you would have put in the same sentence. Vinyl flooring was long seen as a cheap flooring option that came on sheet rolls rather than tiles, with designs that did not really resemble stone or wood flooring. That […]